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Acti-Lance 28G Safety Lancets

Acti-Lance Safety Lancets are manufactured by HTL Strefa with needles or blades that are gamma-sterilized and fully covered and protected by a sterility tab. Risk of misuse or receiving an incorrect blood sample is eliminated through a unique, patented, self-destructive activation mechanism.

Acti-Lance Lite is ideal for blood glucose monitoring purposes and is especially recommended for patients with delicate skin, including children. A 28G needle with a penetration depth of 1.5 mm guarantees incision with minimum or no pain as well as very quick heeling. Acti-Lance Lite helps to eliminate side effects of capillary blood sampling like callus build-up, bruising or pain after the test. Acti-Lance Lite is perfect for adults with delicate and normal skin as well as for children. Acti-Lance Lite is also recommended for the use with modern glucometers where the required blood sample is smaller.

Acti-Lance Safety Lancets employ three simple steps for use:-
1. Twist off the protective cap and pull it straight out.
2. Place Acti-Lance on the desired puncture site and press the top push button to activate the lancing device.
3. Gently apply intermittent pressure near the puncture site to obtain the required blood volume.

Acti-Lance Safety Lancets Features & Benefits

• Easy to handle, two step operation.
• Low firing force.
• No lancet loading required.
• Minimized pain.
• Ultra sharp needle or blade.
• Silicon coated needle.
• Double spring mechanism to ensure high puncture speed and to eliminate needle vibrations.
• Self-destructive mechanism that excludes the possibility of reuse.
• Sterilized reliable sterile protector.
• Single Use only

Acti-Lance Safety Lancets Specifications:-
Needle Size : 28 Gauge
Penetration Depth : 1.5 mm
Target Area : Fingertip
Activation Type : Push Button
Usage : Disposable
Sterility: Sterile
Latex Free Indicator : Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

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